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Turning over a new leaf… again

Here we go again. It seems I’m constantly on the move. I’ve always known that nomadic blood is running through my veins. Heh, maybe my set of genes jumped over at least one generation. What would make me think that? If you took a closer look at my parents’ way of life, you would think I was adopted. 😀 They loove spending their lives in the same place, submerging in the comfort of the well-known. Well, these “jumping genes” make me feel claustrophobic. Besides, my policy of “standing out if one doesn’t fit in” kind of loses its charm in that sort of environment (if I may be a bit timburtonic: I’m sure, I would be burnt at the stake in the good ol’ days). Don’t get me wrong. I’m proud of the place I originate from and it’s lovely and all, but it would just be impossible for me to actually live there.

Moving around  makes one feel… free. But on the other hand, it takes away that feeling of belonging. I feel like my heart is scattered all over the place. I’m physically in Brussels now, but in reality, a piece of me is in every place I’ve lived up to now – or rather, with people who have grown on me. Is that good or bad? I’m still waiting for that revelation. I’m leaning towards a positive interpretation, though.

Who would’ve thought I would end up living right here? Not me. 🙂 The journey has been (still is) quite wild – a roller coaster – I must say. The funny thing is that in the past year everybody kept repeating I lived in Brussels while it was actually Luxembourg (my previous place of employment). Maybe it was their “mantra” that eventually brought me here.

Anyways, I’m gonna keep my eyes & heart open… embracing change & reaching out for exciting new experiences. Sure, at times it gets scary & lonely. But what the heck, that’s also part of growth!


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